Yoga is an invitation to engage with the beauty of life–with all of it’s complexities, simplicities, realness, rawness, confusions, clarity.  Yoga is the dance with all that life has to offer.  It is remembering that you are whole, complete, and always expanding into more.  It is being in the experiment of life and feeling life fully.  It is saying I love you, I am sorry, forgive me, thank you–it is having a deep sense of compassion for yourself and for others.  It is showing up to life and making meaning that works for you.  It is leaning into the not knowing and getting comfortable being uncomfortable.  It is tasting the nectar of life–not just studying about it.

  • Yoga is saying YES to this moment.  Because this is the moment.
  • Yoga is saying YES to engaging.  Because this moment will become your past.
  • Yoga is saying YES to learning. Because this moment will become your future.
  • Yoga is the paradox.  It is will. It is surrender. It is black, and white, and gray.
  • Yoga is something to experience–it is love.

For more information about my offerings of Yoga–visit my other pages on this site, come take a workshop or training with me, or just go live it!

Peace baby,

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Upcoming Retreat

Instinctive Flow: Movement, Meditation, and Mandalas

Retreat and Teacher Training

Join this 7-day (6-night) retreat to unplug to plug-in. Come home to your instinctive nature–let go what you can do and dive into what you are. Uplift your spirits and tap into the pulse of life as you celebrate, flow, move, dance, surf, play, sing, and meditate like never before. This retreat honors the sweetness, intoxication, and beauty of being alive.  Counts as 50 contact hours for Lahari 300hr YTT.

This is a journey and experience of living life fully, letting the entire self be expressed, and soaking in the bliss of being alive.

During our time together you will experience:

  • Morning meditation
  • Daily instinctive movement practices, meditation, or philosophy interactive lectures
  • Flower mandala making and ritual
  • Ecstatic Prana Dance
  • Silent breakfasts to soak in the joy of a new day
  • 1 surfing lesson and daily beach trips
  • 3 delicious meals a day
  • Singing your heart out in our ecstatic meditations—bring your instruments to play along!
  • Free time to journal, explore, receive a spa treatment or join other Costa Rican excursions
  • Lots of laughing, story telling, wonderful people, and time to simply chill out!

Dates: TBA

Where: TBA

Cost: TBA

**Early-bird special if $800 non-refundable deposit received by TBA

  • Shared accommodations (4 per room). Rooms may be mixed gender, please email with questions:
    • $1295 per person early-bird
    • $1495 per person non early-bird
  • Double—Occupancy (2 per room): Limited amount of rooms
    • $1595 per person early-bird
    • $1795 per person non early-bird
  • Single—(one per room): Limited amount of rooms
    • $2000 early-bird
    • $2200 non early-bird

Open to all explorers, those that have never meditated or done yoga or are seasoned practitioners, non-dancers and dancers alike, artists, scientists, teachers, and anyone ready to be blissed out!

*Does not include airfare, departure tax, gratuity, alcohol, ground transportation (unless you fly into Nosara Airport) or additional spa treatments or excursions.

**Please note that ALL electronics will be discouraged from use during the week to give an opportunity to truly UNPLUG. If you do need to get online, this will be limited to the office at Costa Rica Yoga Spa. Please consider this a gift to your own soul

Before you register for the retreat, please contact me to make sure the retreat is a good fit for you.  You can contact me here.  Once we have connected and you are ready to register you can register for quad room here, for private or double room please email me for availability. Once you register, I will send you a welcome packet with travel information.


This program inspired by my dear teacher Lorin Roche: www.lorinroche.com