Private Coaching

Ultimately–I am teaching you how to surf–without the board, bathing suit, and beach. My job as a coach is to guide you to learn how to ride the waves of life and awaken the internal waver rider.I make things happen and I want to support you  attaining clarity and results. Individual coaching is the fastest way to achieve your goals. The goal is to have you move forward each coaching session and within a reasonable time move on with the confidence to succeed. I would describe my approach as fierce love with a splash of heartfelt humor, endless compassion, and  inspired action. I definitely push and challenge clients, but in a safe and encouraging space. The amazing thing about being a coach is that I am NOT an expert on your life (but I want you to love your life), so I am up for sharing opinions, being open and honest, which can sometimes be scary but rewarding. Finally, coaching, like life, should be fun. Get ready to enjoy a more authentic and satisfying life.

Get ready to live YOUR life. REASONS TO HIRE  ME (or one of my life coach school graduates:) AS YOUR COACH:

  • You want clarity
  • You want more success in your relationships and at work
  • You want to feel energized by your life
  • You want to lose weight, get fit and have body confidence
  • You want to start or finish a goal
  • You need a plan and a little help sticking to it
  • You strive for more because you have a coach you trust
  • You will take better, smarter and more actions because you set the goals you want
  • You want to feel like you again
  • You have tried doing it on your own – AND IT HASN’T WORKED YET


Please email me for availability.

Elite Coaching

– 4 Coaching Sessions per month (30-45 min. each)
– 4 Individually Created Assignments
– Unlimited E-mail Support

$400 per month

Premium Coaching

– 3 Coaching Sessions per month (30-45 min. each)
– 3 Individually Created Assignments
– Unlimited E-mail Support

$300 per month

Standard Coaching

– 2 Coaching Sessions per month (30-45 min. each)
– 2 Individually Created Assignments
– Unlimited E-mail Support

$200 per month

Group Coaching

It’s time to get up and get going! I am so excited to be offering group coaching for those of you that are ready to unshackle, untether, unravel and get embodied, engaged, empowered, and ecstatic. It is time to stop with the “knowing, thinking, and wondering” and start with the “doing, living, and thriving”. There is power in working together in community, that will both support you and challenge you to take it to the next level.

Here’s what you get:

  • Four 9o-minute coaching calls/lessons
  • A small group (6 or less) of dynamic beings to dive in deep with
  • In-between “soul work” assignments to move you forward
  • Inspiration, laughter, a space for all your feelings, and the support of someone who really cares about YOU!

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Email for availability on the contact page
  • Send in your payment (non-refundable) and wait for your welcome email with dial-in information
  • Get ready to soar

Investment for the four sessions: $295 (non-refundable)

Upcoming group coaching calls:  Email me today for availability!

Group 1 (appropriate for ages 20-35)

Embodied. Engaged. Empowered. Ecstatic.

Dates: TBA

(If you need to miss a session, it will be recorded, so no worries!)

Topics to start us off:

Call 1: Let’s get started!  What’s getting in the way?
Call 2: Who are you really? And what do you really want?
Call 3: Beliefs, beliefs, and more beliefs. And then I had some feelings…
Call 4: What now?