Souluna Life Coach Certification™ 

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Welcome to Souluna Life Coach Training and Certification tracks. I am thrilled to have you join this epic transformational journey. Get ready to dive deep into the sweetness of life and learn the tools to guide others there.   

Souluna Life Coach Training and Certification is a journey into the depths of what it means to be human. During the process of becoming a certified Souluna Life Coach you will learn how to create an intentional and meaningful life of purpose, passion, and possibility. When you heed the call of your own heart you are then empowered to be a source of inspiration and guidance for others. There lies within each of us a genius, a greatness, a divine being of brilliance and creativity; yet so many of us dim our light and resist our urges that are calling us forth to live the life we were meant to experience.

There is a place in the heart where everything feels alive; where the mind, body and soul play. There is an unspeakable beauty of the sacred dance between the sun and moon that teaches us about balance. Nature is always informing us how to live in harmony, to create, to thrive and to dream. When we can align our external experience with our internal experience is when we can truly understand what it means to be alive. Through this understanding of the natural order of life, together we can transform the world. This is SOULUNA COACHING.

You now have 2 options to dive into the world of life coaching: the training track or certification track.

The training track is a self-paced program where you can gain coaching tools by purchasing the online videos. The training track is not a certification program. If you choose to do just the training track you will receive the online videos for six months. You will not be a certified coach, but you will gain useful tools to add to your life. The cost of the training track  is $995.00

The certification track  allows you to become a Level 1 Certified Souluna Life Coach. For those wanting to complete the certification you must complete the  Karma Yoga Leadership Intensive prior to beginning the life coach certification track. The Karma Yoga Leadership Intensive is a separate cost.

The Level 1 Certified Souluna Life Coaching track includes:

  • Six-months of correspondence training
  • Online video lectures available for six months
  • PDF manual
  • Personal mentor, you will have 4 one-on-one calls. During this time you will have time to ask questions and each month you will receive feedback for one of your “practice” coaching sessions.
  • 5  group calls to get informed, inspired, and gain clarity to succeed as a coach. These are the only calls you will have with Coby.

Dates of mandatory certification track calls are:

  • TBA

Additional certification track requirements:

  • 5 small group Q&A calls
  • 30+ practice coaching sessions
  • 4 one-on-one mentor calls
  • 7 one-on-one advisor calls
  • Homework assignments
  • 3 pre-training coaching sessions and  3 coaching sessions per month during training. It is critical that you are coached during the coaching certification process. This is not included in the cost of your training. Your coach must be a Certified Souluna Coach.
  • Final exam

After completing this in-depth transformational level 1 coaching training you will:

  • Understand and apply Souluna’s Coaching Model which is based upon the wisdom of the elements; air, earth, fire and water
  • Integrate these powerful coaching skills into your own personal and professional life
  • Develop, build, and grow a  coaching business
  • Empower authenticity
  • Create and lead the life you dream of



To apply to become a certified Souluna Life Coach please answer the following questions below.  Once your application has been received and reviewed a Souluna representative will contact you for a phone consultation and will provide the next necessary steps for registration.



    Kristen Brunello

    Director of Operations, Lead Souluna Life Coach and Mentor

    Kristen is a Life Coach, Yoga Instructor and Personal Trainer. Using tough love she empowers her clients to fight for their ideal life by cultivating awareness, making choices, and taking action. Recovered from eating disorders, Kristen specializes in coaching women in addiction recovery and those that struggle with loving themselves.

    Email :

    Katie Hagel

    Lead Souluna Life Coach and Mentor

    Katie Hagel is a Kripalu yoga instructor, outdoor leader and world traveler who inspires her clients to venture outside of their comfort zones, open to new possibilities and gain the clarity and confidence that they need to step into extraordinary lives of adventure, passion and purpose. Katie is also a certified recovery coach.

    Email :

    Lindsay Gurley

    Souluna Life Coach and Mentor

    Lindsay lives in the heart of the Rocky Mountains in Carbondale, Colorado where she pursues her passion as a coach, backcountry enthusiast and yoga instructor offering personalized programs to dive into self-exploration. Lindsay brings forth experiential coaching, both in person and over the phone, to inspire you to step up, stay open and live into your dreams.

    Email :

    Julia Lynton-Boelte

    Lead Souluna Life Coach and Mentor

    My passion is helping you challenge yourself, do the work it takes, and live the life you really want! The focus of my coaching generally starts with job and career concerns—from there, I take a holistic viiew of everything that is happening for you, and together we begin to explore the interconnected areas of your life. Our work is a co-creation between the two of us, and we work together to create shifts in your life and your outlook that reverberate in places you hadn't expected.

    Email :

    Dana Regan

    Lead Souluna Life Coach

    Dana is a Somatic Life-Coach whose mission is to support YOU in designing a life fueled by freedom! Dana works with highly motivated individuals, conscious entrepreneurs, coaches and creatives to make empowering lifestyle choices, take skillful action and embody greatness. Work with Dana to up-level your life and business, receive high quality support and rewire your nervous system for freedom.

    Email :

    Kathryn Pelkey

    Souluna Life Coach and Mentor, Quarter-Life Calling Coach

    Kathryn is a Souluna Life Coach and Meditation teacher. She is committed to helping others identify and live into their greater life purpose. She is here to guide those who are ready to live into their potential and live the life they desire.

    Email :

    Emily Posselius

    Souluna Life Coach and Advisor, Quarter-Life Calling Coach

    Emily Posselius works to empower others to explore their own inherent joy and inner wisdom. Emily invites her clients to discover themselves on an intimate level and to illuminate their dreams by vocalizing their truths and embodying these values. Based in San Francisco, Emily is also a florist and ocean-explorer.

    Email :

    Mike Healey

    Souluna Life Coach and Advisor, Quarter-Life Calling Coach

    Mike is a Life Coach, and musician living in Boston, MA. Mike supports people who are deadly serious about taking big steps towards their dreams. He wants you to shoot for your goal, while also learning to enjoy the entire journey there. At the core of his coaching is his life mantra: dream big, love hard.

    Email :

    Adriana Roberson

    Souluna Life Coach and Advisor, Quarter-Life Calling Coach

    Adriana is passionate about helping people create and live a life they absolutely love. Balancing compassion with fierce love, she helps clients align with their values and greater purpose, challenge beliefs that are not serving them, and learn to love and trust in the whole of who they are.

    Email :

    Samantha Roller

    Souluna Life Coach and Advisor

    Samantha creates a safe space to inquisitively explore imbalances and perceived stuck-ness in your life. She believes that from a place of self-awareness it IS possible to change the narrative and trajectory of your path; liberation, ease, and transformation are within your reach.

    Email :

    Sydney Axelrod

    Souluna Life Coach and Advisor

    Sydney helps you live a life you love and be the person you want to be. As an intuitive Life Coach, creative artist, and successful young professional, she is uniquely compassionate, empathetic and practical. Once you work with her, you have a support system for life.

    Email :

    Susan Greene

    Souluna Life Coach and Advisor

    Susan dares you to take action to spark your dreams into a reality. Her intention is to stimulate what you already know inside of you. Through intuitive exploration of the body and mind connection, Susan breathes to honor your unique rhythm along this journey. If all of this is temporary, she wants to know what makes you come alive.

    Email :

    Kristen Garaffo

    Souluna Life Coach

    Kristen connects you to what makes your heart sing. She believes in creativity, play, magic and sharing your gifts with the world. She works with self-proclaimed warriors, revolutionaries, and artists who long to be the change they wish to see in the world. Her medicine is Joy.

    Email :