Radiance Sutras Meditation Teacher Training with Lorin Roche and Coby Kozlowski

You are invited to take part in the upcoming 200-hour Radiance Sutras Meditation Teacher Training. This course will be a combination of online study, in-person retreats at beautiful locations, one-to-one coaching, and a series of guided meditations that you can practice on your own at home. You can take the course for your own development and to learn and practice meditations that suit your individual nature, and you can take it to develop skills as a teacher of meditation.

Core beliefs:

There are a set of skills you can learn and teach that let meditation be utterly natural, restful, and profoundly rejuvenating. The skills of meditation are similar to that of loving anyone or anything – ways of paying attention that open the doorways to intimacy and excitement. After using, practicing, and researching these skills for the past half a century, Lorin Roche is opening the door wide to train teachers in this system. Come as you are, and learn at your own pace. You can go rapidly or you can take your time and savor everything in a leisurely way.

Who this is for:

If you desire to learn more about this natural and life affirming approach to meditation or if you feel called to help people tune in to their instincts and senses and listen to people as they talk about what they love in such a way that they find their way into their own personal access points. This is a very human, tender, and loving practice for yourself or for other. You do not need to be a yoga teacher to apply.


Training begins TBA

200-hour Radiance Sutra Meditation Teacher Training

If you complete all of the hours and demonstrate all of the core competencies you will be a certified 200-hour Radiance Sutra Meditation Teacher.

70 contact hours (i.e. Kripalu, Esalen, Costa Rica, Vermont, Hawaii retreats)

130 non-contact hours (assignments listed below)

  • 8 conference call seminars with Lorin Roche beginning TBA for 2017
  • 3 private telephone sessions with Lorin Roche
  • Homework assignments
  • Reading assignments
  • 30 Practice sessions
  • Contributing to Facebook group
  • Small group work

5-years to complete (we recommend you complete in 2 years)

Year 1:

  • 8 conference call seminars (dates and times listed below)
  • Contact hours
  • All reading assignments
  • At least 15 practice sessions with “practice clients”
  • At least one private telephone session with Lorin Roche (must complete a total of 3 private sessions with Lorin Roche throughout the training)

Year 2:

  • Complete all contact hours (70 hours)
  • All practice sessions complete (30 total)
  • All homework and reading assignments complete
  • Complete private telephone sessions with Lorin Roche (must complete a total of 3 private session with Lorin Roche through out the training)
  • Final exam

These are the dates and times for the conference call seminars. Calls will be recorded. These conference call seminars complement the guided meditations, readings, and exercises you will be doing most days of the week.

All calls 7-9 EST pm
Dial in Number: TBA
Dats: TBA

Application Process:

  • Fill out the application form found on http://www.meditationtt.com/
  • Once your application is received and reviewed (if accepted) you will receive a welcome packet with important information about training. If you have not received an email within 2-weeks, please email click here.
  • After you receive your welcome packet, to reserve your spot and invest in your education submit payment  click here.
  • Get ready for a journey of your deepest desires and how to guide others there.

Apply Now: click here.

(Listed below are the questions you will be asked to answer on application).

  1. Why interests you in becoming a meditation teacher
  2. What do you love about meditation
  3. What struggles do have about meditation
  4. What do you desire most in your life
  5. What is your favorite memory
  6. What does commitment mean to you
  7. What uniqueness will you bring to the training

Invest Now:

After you have received your welcome packet to enroll click here.

Approximate total cost of the 200-hour training (varies due to contact hours): $5,950

There are 4 different payments for the entire 200 hour training:

  1. 70 Contact hours (you will pay directly to wherever the retreat is being hosted)
  2. 8 Conference call seminars $1952—once you are accepted to training, payment must be received in full to reserve your spot. This is a non-refundable course.
  3. 3 Private sessions with Lorin Roche (separate cost). To schedule click here.
  4. Final exam $108

Radiance Sutra Meditation Teacher Training Contact Hours

During your 2 year journey you must complete 70 contact hours.  We STRONGLY recommend that you do contact hours before you begin the tele-seminars, however it is not mandatory.  There are many options for contact hours, please keep track of your contact hours–include location, dates, and name of program.

  • At Play with the Radiance Sutras with Lorin Roche and Coby Kozlowski at Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health 
  • Any meditation program with Lorin Roche at Esalen Institute
  • Feast for Your Senses retreat with Lorin Roche and Coby Kozlowski.  Retreats TBA
  • Or you may take the Radiance Sutras Meditation Teacher Training Intensive–information below.  Intensive dates and location TBA.

Radiance Sutras Meditation Teacher Training Intensive

Who this is for:

If you fall into any of these categories you are welcome to join!

  • Enrolled students in Coby’s Lahari 300hr YTT. This counts as 70 contact hours towards Lahari 300hr YTT.
  • Enrolled students in Radiance Sutra Meditation 200hr Teacher Training. This counts as 70 contact hours (when Lorin Roche is part of intensive) towards Radiance Sutra Meditation Teacher Training–details below.
  • Anyone interested in a natural approach to meditation. You do NOT need to be in Lahari 300hr YTT or the 200hr Radiance Sutras Meditation Teacher Training.

Details:  2017 dates TBA. Come back soon!

Training Track Option:

If you do not want to complete the 200-hour teacher training, you can still join the 8 conference call seminars beginning April 5, but you must still complete application. You will not be a certified Radiance Sutra Meditation Teacher, but you will walk away with the key teachings and have an opportunity to dive deep into the human heart, the rhythm of life, and what it means to savor the sweetness of being alive.

From Lorin Roche:

Meditation is instinctive. We all know how to do it, in our essential selves. The practice can feel utterly natural and deeply joyous. The key for each of us is to find the styles that work for us. Instinctive Meditation is a way of going into meditation in a way that suits our individual essence. This approach originates in the classical yoga techniques as presented in the Vijnana Bhairava Tantra, enhanced by decades of scientific research, and refined by over forty years of Lorin’s teaching experience.

Meditation is the practice of tending to the song of life flowing through the body – attending, delighting in, tuning ourselves to this magical universe in which we live, and preparing ourselves to live more fully. This is how I think of meditation. The ancient traditions have bequeathed to us a vast wealth of techniques and their notes on experience. To accept the gift, we have to adapt the classical and eternal into the present. Yoga is always about adapting its methods for the bodies of the people in the room.

In the modern West, there is a revolution underway, an awakening, such that yoga and meditation have become completely mainstream. The challenge now is to train enough meditation teachers to meet the need. It will be decades before there are enough skilled meditation teachers. Let’s get to work.

Topics in Yoga Meditation Teacher Training

Topics include

21 human senses (indriyas) and their role in meditation

  • Rhythm and improvisation in the world within
  • The instinctive nature of meditation – homing, resting, gathering, exploring, orienting, bonding, purifying, nourishing
  • Elemental mix – space, earth, fire, air, water. These are tattvas (THAT which is) and in meditation we engage with them all in endlessly interesting ways. Akasha – space. Vayu – air. Agni – fire. Apa – water. Prithvi – earth. Each element is both sensual and a form of consciousness.
  • The mystery of individuality – ahamkara – no one is the same. No moment is repeated.
  • Finding your voice within the yoga meditation tradition, that peaceful passion you have to share
  • Understanding speed – to the brain, half a second is a long time. The brain can leisurely flow through pratyahara, dharana, dhyana, samadhi in a couple of minutes, and be done – ready for another cycle – before you get done setting up the practice.
  • Attention in tantra as both tender and entertaining
  • Mudra: spontaneous gesture and motion as expressions of pranashakti. The use of mudra in meditation and teaching.
  • Mantra: OM is described in the Upanishads as a roar of joy. We each have individual ways of hearing the universal sound and following it into the silence. Mantra is a joyous and natural practice.
  • Pranayama: air is our primary food, we breathe 22,000 times a day (but who’s counting). Breathing can be exciting and soothing, and everywhere inbetween.
  • Shakti spanda – the pulsating life force as we perceive her in motion, as light, as vibration, and as sound.


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