Core beliefs:

A Leader is

someone who is interested in who they really are, is passionate about how they can contribute, and takes responsibility for how they want to live. Someone who is willing to fully engage and savor the sweetness of the gift of life. Someone that aligns with the intelligence of nature and learns to trust life, listens deeply for their unique calling, is courageous enough to reveal their authentic self, and be accountable for when they don’t, marinates in the fire of transformation for the sake of awareness, bows to the power and potency of space and respects pausing before acting, is committed to seeing life clearly, acts in ways that makes them and those around them feel more alive, embodied, empowered, and has reverence for surrendering only to begin again–every day.

Life is happening right now, there is nothing to transcend, and nowhere else you need to be. The world needs you here, and is always inviting you to participate with the great tapestry of existence. Life is full of different flavors and textures, and as a leader or what I like to call a wave rider you are being called to surf these waves with grace, awareness, and for the sake of what you add to this divine matrix. It is clear that the world is changing, some might even say that the world is falling apart and what if that was actually good news?

This time we are living in, can be viewed as a season of transformation—the part of the cycle in which things fall apart. Nature teaches that life is infused with a natural process of continual cyclical motion. Birth and death, expansion and contraction, night and day, and the recurrent transition of the seasons. In wintertime, things start to die; there’s an involution, going inside, and a slowing down. Then the cycle slides into springtime, full of new beginnings, and a potential to plant new seeds of possibility. Springtime expands into summertime, a phase of flourishing and abundance only to flow into autumn, the time of transformation, heading back towards the space of winter. Disintegration is necessary in order for rebirth to occur. However, for many, this part of the cycle can be scary and disruptive, because what they’ve known is going away as something new emerges. I say “Hooray,” to our current dysfunctional systems falling apart. We are alive at a critical time, also known as a choice point; a junction in which we need to choose how we want to move forward. Do we want to recreate the past and continue to propagate the systems that clearly don’t function? Do we want to bolster the ongoing disconnection between head and heart that we see every day in our world? Or do we want to make the choice to create a world in which head and heart are actually in collaboration?

While many continue to live their lives promoting the status quo, there is evidence of others who have a great hunger and desire to evolve and expand their capacity to live more skillfully and co-create a new world. How do we get there?

By transforming oneself the world transforms. This is how true transformative change occurs, this is leadership. Our deepest calling is to grow more and more into our authentic self — this is the work of a leader — and constitutes the redefinition of past leadership models.

We are all called to leadership. Leaders consider this life precious and are thus willing to act deliberately in service to life. Moreover, leadership is an inward journey into the depths of what it means to be human.

Leadership is about being fully expressed, about being called to one’s greatness, and about having the courage to act in ways that are in alignment with one’s highest self. The world relies on each of us to heed the call of our heart. There is a divine unfolding of life to hear your personal calling, and the path of yoga can provide the tools to answer this call, and to live a life of possibility, passion and integrity. By liberating your own heart and stepping fully into your authenticity you inspire others to do the same — this is the new way of leadership.


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