Discover who you really are, why you were born at this time, and how you want to engage with the world. And learn to not take it all so seriously.

- Coby Kozlowski


A dynamic, fluid, pulsating vinyasa flow--infused with heartfelt humor and inspiring intentions. Move like never before and awaken to the sacred tremor that is you. Treat your body with love, breathe deeply, and savor the sweetness of what yoga really is, the gift of embodiment.

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The world is ready for a new kind of leadership and each one of us is being called. My unique and engaging approach has been touching thousands of lives at conferences, yoga studios, universities, festivals, and wherever someone is up for the conversation.

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Story telling, celebrating the journey of being human, and inspirational speaking is my passion, natural gift, and unique offering in this life. I am hitting the road for my Wave Rider speaking tour--to bring me to you, send me an email.

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I am a dedicated presenter and faculty at one of the most prestigious yoga institutions in the world. I am blessed to teach at this amazing platform--get inspired, learn to embody freedom, and discover how to live flow. Visit Kripalu.

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Current Rhythm

Playful Heart Movement and Ecstatic Meditation for Inspired Living

November 24-26, 2017

Celebrate your body and your life in a program of divine joy while you join hearts, hands, and spirits with fellow dancers and seekers.

Leading Vinyasa: Breathe, Feel, Flow

March 16-25, 2108

Deepen your teaching and increase your appeal to students who want more challenge in their practice, while also learning to offer vinyasa to students of different experience levels.


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